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Watch Max Scherzer assure pitching coach he’s ‘going to get this mother f—er’

Max Scherzer made it very clear that he wanted to stay in the game during the seventh inning of Monday’s game against the Marlins, in an attempt to retire the side.

After issuing a two-out walk to Ichiro Suzuki, pitching coach Mike Maddux went out to the mound to talk to Scherzer, whose pitch count had just cleared the 110-mark.

Scherzer, however, made it very clear to his coach that he intended to stay in the game and pitch to Dee Gordon.

I’m “going to get this mother f—er [out],” Scherzer was seen saying.

Maddux trusted his ace, and it paid off. Scherzer struck out Gordon in only three pitches, and made good on his promise.