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WATCH: Pierre Garcon spikes Cheesehead hat, rips it in two

The Redskins torched the Packers for 515 total yards en route to a 42-24 victory on Sunday night. It was a horrible showing by Green Bay’s defense, and a field day for Washington’s receivers, as three players (Jordan Reed, Jamison Crowder and Pierre Garcon) tallied 79+ receiving yards.

Garcon led the way with 116 yards in the game, and was pretty pumped about it. In the game’s final minutes, a Cheesehead hat was thrown in his direction on the sideline, and he picked it up and spiked it on the ground. He then ripped it in half and threw it back toward the stands.

Taking the high road probably would’ve been the better option here, rather than making a scene, which Garcon did, looking like a jerk in the process. As a veteran, he should know better.