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Watch Russell Wilson use magician-like escapability on amazing completion to Doug Baldwin

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is known for his ability to elude the pressure and keep the play alive, and the Cardinals’ defense learned that lesson during Thursday night’s game.

Wilson, on one particular play in the fourth quarter, was pressured and in danger of being sacked by not one, but two defenders. He wasn’t fazed, though, and calmly used a spin move, pump fake and then another spin move while scrambling to buy some space. Wilson then somehow uncorked a throw to Doug Baldwin near the sideline, and the Seahawks receiver did the rest.

The end result was a 54-yard completion, with Wilson running roughly 30 yards to keep the play alive in order for it to happen.

That play proved be the dagger, as Wilson hit Jimmy Graham in the end zone for a touchdown on the play that followed.