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Watch Victor Oladipo do 10 push-ups to begin interview for punishment

Victor Oladipo drained the biggest shot in Wednesday’s game against the Bulls, but even that go-ahead three-pointer with roughly 30 seconds left wasn’t enough to make him feel satisfied about his performance.

Oladipo missed one of two free throws he attempted with 12 seconds remaining in the game, and clearly did not forget about it after the Eastern Conference matchup was over. Just before beginning to answer questions during a postgame interview with a reporter, Oladipo got down on the court and did 10 push-ups.

The reporter was a bit confused, and asked why he did it, to which the Pacers guard responded with “I missed a free throw.”

Oladipo clearly holds himself to a high standard — which we now know because of that unorthodox form of punishment — and there’s nothing wrong with that.