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Will Spurs star Kawhi Leonard return from injury later in the season?

Spurs star Kawhi Leonard has been dealing with an extremely complex quad injury, which has resulted in him playing in only nine games this season. He’s currently sidelined as he attempts to recover from the injury.

The Spurs have really missed his presence, as the team has been a bit more beatable this season than in years past, with a 35-24 record.

Unfortunately for them, it’s highly unlikely that he’ll be returning at any point this season, even during the playoffs, which head coach Gregg Popovich stated on Wednesday.

This is interesting due to the rumors of dissension between Leonard and the Spurs organization. To say he’s already ruled out for the season, when he’s battling an injury he suffered a long time ago, seems a bit premature.

Leonard is under contract through the 2019-20 season, but his future remains unclear, due to his health, and the rumored discontent between him and the organization that cuts his checks.