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Wisconsin trolls Miami with turnover chain celebration after TD (VIDEO)

Miami is known for its turnover chain celebrations, which is why Wisconsin flipped the script and did one of its own after regaining the lead in the second quarter of the Orange Bowl on Saturday night.

The Hurricanes do the celebration after the defense forces a turnover, and the Badgers elected to mock them after scoring a touchdown, with a sequence of events that resembled putting on a turnover chain and having it ripped off.

It happened after Badgers receiver A.J. Taylor caught a touchdown pass, and was met by teammate Kendric Pryor in the end zone. Taylor then pretended to give him a special gift, putting his hands around Pryor’s neck, and then making it look as if he were ripping the invisible chain off.

That was a clever way to stick it to the Hurricanes — using their own own celebration, and mocking it perfectly.