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Back at Purdue, I had a friend, Chris, who was about the same scale of college basketball fan as I was, and we often sent instan messages regarding the topic. Really, it was the most reliable way for us to communicate, but I think that’s just a guy thing. In any case, one day Chris sent me an e-mail with a projected bracket for the NCAA tournament. Really, if Joe Lunardi could get a degree in bracketology, why couldn’t a couple of kids from Purdue do this? So we did. We have a spreadsheet and we worked out the kinks and developed our own projected brackets every couple of weeks for one season. It was a lot of fun and a terrible waste of time. In any case, I have nothing but time to waste, so I dug up the old file and generated my own brackets. Here they are. They go South vs. East and Midwest vs West.

South (San Antonio)
(New Orleans)
1. Florida
16. Play in (Central Connecticut St. vs Jackson St.)

8. BYU
9. USC

5. Marquette
12. Virginia

4. Butler
13. Vermont

(New Orleans)
6. Boston College
11. Michigan St.

3. Texas A&M
14. Santa Clara

7. West Virginia
10. Stanford

2. Nevada
15. Marist

EAST (East Rutherford)
1. Pittsburgh
16. Delaware St.

8. Virginia Tech
9. Xavier

5. Oregon
12. Holy Cross

4. Kentucky
13. Wright St.

6. Villanova
11. San Diego St.

3. Southern Illinois
14. Oral Roberts

7. Tennessee
10. Illinois

2. North Carolina
15. Pennsylvania

MIDWEST (St. Louis)
1. Ohio State
16. Weber St.

8. Creighton
9. Florida St.

(Winston Salem)
12. Virginia Commonwealth

4. Georgetown
13. Long Beach St.

6. Oklahoma St.
11. Purdue

3. Washington St.
14. South Alabama

7. Clemson
10. Arkansas

2. Memphis
15. Rhode Island

WEST (San Jose)
1. Wisconsin
16. East Tennessee St.

8. Maryland
9. Alabama

5. Arizona
12. Winthrop

4. Air Force
13. Texas A&M – Corpus Christi

6. Indiana
11. Davidson

3. Kansas
14. Akron

7. Duke
10. Missouri St.

15. Austin Peay

So once again, I have too much time on my hands for college basketball. Of course, I dont suspect Southern Illinois will get a 3 seed, or Nevada a 2. I also suspect that a team other than Rhode Island will win the A-10 this year, but since they sit atop the division right now, I had no choice but to leave them in. If Rhode Island does in fact lose out, and Xavier takes the A-10 crown, Georgia and Kansas St. were the last two teams out. The ACC won the most teams in contest, so congrats to them on their 8 tournament teams. Well, for now, anyways.