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Steelers-Browns Tweetcap

The Steelers did what they had to do and took care of business against the Browns. It was a cold day in northeastern Ohio and a cold day in Western Pennsylvania. Thankfully we had the scorching hot takes of Twitter to keep us warm.

Before the game, hopes weren’t too high…

The Browns hit a big play to convert an early third down and get into scoring territory, but the Steelers rookie stepped up.

Around the league, an epidemic was striking kickers…

The end of the first half was a debauchery in and of itself. Rather than kicking a field goal with 5 seconds left, Tomlin left the offense out. The Steelers failed twice but thanks to two Browns penalties the Steelers got two untimed downs and finally got it in.

The second half was basically more of the same from the first half

Remember that extra point thing I mentioned? The Browns missed one too.

The Steelers lead was cut to just 8 though, so things were still a bit tense.

Thankfully, the Browns were the Browns and Shazier came up with a strip-sack that Javon Hargrave recovered in the end zone for a touchdown to ice the game.