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Pre-Game Skate (4/9/16): Carolina Hurricanes @ Florida Panthers

It is here, the final game of the regular season. For once, however, there is no pall of sadness over this game. Instead, we anticipate the excitement of what is to come.

The Numbers

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* – Stats are courtesy of Corsica.Hockey and Hockey-Reference.com

Projected Lineups

[table id=PF02G77 /]
[table id=PD02G82 /]
[table id=PG02G34 /]

[table id=OF02G82 /]
[table id=OD02G82 /]
[table id=OG02G82 /]

Link Time

Shoot The Lights Out: The Panthers have been shooting a lot lately.  I dug in and took a look the finer details around that surge in shooting.

An Individual Barrage: Further to the above discussion, I took a look at Panthers shooting on an individual player level.

Closing Thoughts

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