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Bonds Returns to Giants

Is that Bonds? Looking quite slimmer, Bonds is back on the baseball field, but shining a different light. The last time Barry Bonds touched a baseball field was when he played in his final major league game in 2007. Since then he was found guilty of using performance enhancing drugs (PED’s) which violated MLB policies, of which ended his career and reign of being the “home-run king.”

Bonds finally found a chance to become a part of the San Francisco Giants this season, but taking on a completely different role other than what we have all been accustomed too. At a recent charity event, Bonds was confronted about working as an instructor for the Giants. Bonds didn’t hesitate when offered the opportunity, stating “It was a good time to get back into the game.”  Even though Bonds used PED’s, his technique as a hitter, base runner, and outfielder were gratifying. His skills would be a valuable service to the Giants this season if Bonds can emulate his experience into a method of teaching.

Bonds is currently working for the next seven days as a roving instructor under the wing of manager Bruce Bochy. At a recent news conference, Bonds expressed that he was more nervous on becoming an instructor than when he was a player. Bonds states, “I’m more nervous at this than when I was playing, because as a player, it was only my mind, me, now I’m trying to put that into other players’ minds. I’m a little more nervous being on this side than that side. Hopefully I can just bring some good value to the ball club. Hopefully, I can bring value to these guys and then let Bochy see how I do.”

Although Bonds has not secured a full time position as an instructor for the Giants, he hopes that his knowledge and work ethic with Giants players will bring great reviews and secure him a spot with his long lost team. Bonds says that, “I would rather let them evaluate me, and then hopefully something good can come out of this.” After these next seven days we will see how comfortable Bochy and the players are with Bonds coaching. Only time will tell if we will start to see Bonds on a regular basis; On the other hand this may just be an attempt to revitalize his image with the public and to enhance his possible chances of receiving Hall Of Fame votes when the time comes.