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Cabrera Tops MLB Salary Records

If Miguel Cabrera passes his upcoming physical, he’s going to be looking at breaking records with his new contract extension with the Tigers.  Cabrera, consecutive 2-time American League MVP winner, still has two years left out of his current eight year deal with Detroit, of which will earn him an extra $44 million by the end of its term. Although Cabrera is 31 years old, Detroit doesn’t want to take a chance on losing one of their best athletes as the contract nears its end. Some individuals question this contract decision based on his age, but Cabrera has not only won 2 AL MVP awards, but he’s also the first to earn the Triple Crown in over 35 years and looks healthy and ready to play.

According to multiple reports, the Tigers are eager to extend his current contract of eight years by offering another 10 year long term deal when his contract is finished. This proposition will offer Cabrera an outstanding $292 million over the next ten years if accepted; the contract will give Cabrera an annual salary of $30.7 million, which will earn Cabrera first place as the highest paid athlete within all team sports. The $292 million dollar contract deal will exceed Alex Rodriguez’s reign of being the highest paid player in baseball by $17 million. Rodriguez held the title when he was earning a total of $275 million under contract.

If Cabrera is still healthy and producing at the end of this 10 year deal, there is also an extended offer for adding an additional 2 years at the rate of $30 million per year.  Major League Baseball is still the only sport without a salary cap amongst teams and players. Other professional leagues such as the NBA forced a cap on player’s individual salaries, but not amongst teams themselves. It’s safe to say there are no limits when it comes to America’s past time.