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Interview with Penn State Football Commit Chance Sorrell

Just hours after James Franklin was officially announced the head coach of the Penn State Nittany Lions football team, he picked up two verbal commits who were both committed to him at the University of Vanderbilt, one of those commits was OL Chance Sorrell.

Sorrell, is ranked as a three-star prospect by ESPN, 247sports and Rivals.com. 247sports rates him the highest with an 84 while ESPN ranks him 70 and Rivals with a 5.6 out of 10. Sorrell, is a gifted athlete who plays on three different varsity teams at his high school in Middletown Ohio.


Name: Chance Sorrell

High School: Middletown High School

Position: TE/OL (commited as OL)

Commitment Date: 1/11/14

Twitter: @Chanman15811


DC: To start off, in a few sentences tell PSU fans “who you are”

CS: My name is Chance Sorrell, I am from Middletown Ohio. I play football, basketball, and track for my high school. I am a Christian and God has me with the opportunity to play college football at an incredible college.

DC: You were originally committed to Vanderbilt ; besides Vanderbilt who else was mainly interested in your talents?

CS: Well before committing I had 10 offers. I had Indiana, Boston College, Louisville, Vanderbilt, Cincinnati, and some Mac schools. Tennessee recruited me hard and so did some others, but after meeting with Coach Franklin a few times I knew he was a special coach, and that I’d love to play for him.

DC: You’re relationship with coach James Franklin seems to be a unique one. In a few sentences how would you describe your relationship with him?

CS: I would describe my relationship with Coach Franklin as trusting and upfront. He had my back at a critical point in my football career, and I have his now!

DC: Once you heard the news of Coach Franklin coming to PSU, how long after we’re you offered?

CS: After the official announcement he called me the next day around 9:30 and said they had a few scholarships left and they would love to have me at Penn State.

DC: Did the offer to be an OL man and not a TE have any impact on your decision?

CS: Not at all! I’m 6’6 and 265 as a seventeen year old, I figure I’ll still be getting bigger over the next four years and I will have the best chance for success at offensive tackle and there is no other coach I would rather be playing for.

DC: As almost everybody has pointed out , Vandy OL coach Herb Hand was a “big part” of your commitment to Vanderbilt/ To clear up speculation. Did your commitment to PSU have anything to do with Coach Hands’ decision of leaving Vanderbilt or was it solely all Franklin?

CS: I really like Coach Hand and I’d really like to play for him, but he has to do what’s hbest for him and his family, I completely understand if wants to stay at Vanderbilt, it’s a great place. But being somewhat selfish I’d love if he would come to PSU.

DC: What particularly about Coach Franklin makes him such a great recruiter, in your mind?

CS:Coach Franklin is a people person and no matter where’s at he shows that family matters to him. I love being a part of the family atmosphere. If you talk to him for 10 minutes you will love whatever school he is at. He represents his college at an incredible level and is always looking for ways to improve things and be involved with fans.

DC: In a few words how would you describe your playing style?

CS: To describe my playing style I’d say that I”m strong, physical, and very athletic for an offensive lineman. Since I have played tight end all four years in high school (including some wide receiver) I can move pretty well.

DC: Who in the Big Ten do you look forward to playing the most?

CS: Ohio State! Everybody where I’m from is a Buckeye fan and it’s a huge venue, and it’s a rivalry! Also I know and have played against quiet a few people on that team in high school.

DC: Before you committed to PSU , did you have any contact wit Llyod Tubman about you two possibly flipping?

CS: I had no contact at all with Lloyd, I actually found out on the phone call with Coach Franklin that he had committed just minutes before coach called me.

DC: What about PSU do you believe makes it such an ideal place to play football?

CS: When I think of Penn State I think of an amazing tradition of college football! All the white outs and 108,000 fans screaming We Are… Penn State!

DC: Any ideas of when you will be taking your official visit to PSU?

CS:Note Yet, Coach Franklin said he will let me know in the next couple of days when it will be.

DC: Has any current players contacted you since your commitment?

CS: No, not yet although I might have missed some from my Twitter activity the past couple of days and if I did miss anyone I am sorry.

DC: Anything you would like to say to the PSU fans?

 CS: Yes, I’d like to thank everyone fro showing me how great the people are here, and thank you for accepting me into the Penn State family, I really look forward to playing for you all.




 [Feature Photo: 247sports.com]

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