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Philadelphia Phillies, Comcast SportsNet agree to new television deal

[Photo Credit: http://www.phillysportsjabronis.com/]

The Daily News has reported that the Philadelphia Phillies and Comcast SportsNet have agreed to a television partnership that will last until “well beyond 2015,” there are no specific details on this.

A CSN Philly spokesperson confirmed the deal, but he didn’t get into the specifics: “We’re pleased to confirm that NBCUniversal and Comcast SportsNet have signed a new long-term deal with the Philadelphia Phillies that will expand Comcast SportsNet’s role as the Phillies’ primary TV partner,” the spokesman said. “Although the terms of the comprehensive deal are confidential, details surrounding the 2014 schedule of games will be provided in the coming months.”

How much money this deal is worth is unknown.

We do know that this will be worth a lot of money though, so I am expecting the Phillies to make a huge splash in free agency in the coming years.