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Watch: Frank Mason III gets asked strange question at NBA Combine

Every year at the NFL combine, we hear stories about the strange questions teams ask draft prospects. However, it seems like the NBA combine may have taken the cake when it comes to strange and weird questions.

On Thursday at the combine, ESPN’s Jeff Goodman asked Kansas Jayhawks point guard Frank Mason III about the craziest question a team has asked him during the interview process.

Mason III responded with “If I were to die, which way would I want to go out?” That is definitely a crazy and morbid question.

The Jayhawks point guard told Goodman he answered the question by saying “in my sleep because I wouldn’t want to suffer from any pain or anything. I just rather be sleep around my son and family.”

The only thing Goodman could say is good answer.

I do not know what death and playing in the NBA have to do with each other, but you never know what these teams are looking for with these random questions.