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2012 Tennessee Titans estimated salary cap page

For the past few years, I’ve been using an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of the Titans’ salary cap situation. I’ve now put up a page with the Titans’ 2012 salary cap information, and will update that link whenever I get additional information.

Currently, the page lists the Titans as having about $86.5 million in contractual commitments. This is actually less than the total current salary reported by Paul Kuharsky of approximately $92 million, with the difference between the futures contracts which I do not bother to fill in. Those players are for the most part quite unlikely to make the roster this season.

As I note in the introduction to the current version of the page, the precise numbers should be treated as estimates only. Some of the estimates are quite good, while others are estimates or interpolations based on good data. In addition to the major errors and known unknowns, there is missing data small and probably large as well. For instance, it’s unlikely Chris Johnson is the only player whose compensation is subject to workout-related adjustment, but he’s the only one for which I’ve seen information showing he is. It’s also unlikely that there are no players whose 2012 compensation has performance-related adjustments, but I don’t have that information either.

I’ll be adding pages for future years going forward, but this is at least a start. Corrections, comments, questions, and the like are welcome.

UPDATE (5/22/12 1947 CT): I’ve moved my blog and the page I’ll keep updated, so changed link to reflect the new page.