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2013 Tennessee Titans Week 10 Snap Report

According to the NFL's official report, here's how the Titans distributed the snaps in Sunday's 29-27 loss to the Jaguars.

Offense (73 total)
QB: Ryan Fitzpatrick 50, Jake Locker 23
RB/FB: Chris Johnson 55, Shonn Greene 18, Collin Mooney 13
TE: Delanie Walker 56, Craig Stevens 32, Taylor Thompson 7
WR: Nate Washington 61, Kendall Wright 59, Justin Hunter 54, Kenny Britt 9, Damian Williams 1
OL: Andy Levitre 73, Mike Otto 73, Michael Roos 73, Chance Warmack 73, Chris Spencer 58, Brian Schwenke 15

Defense (60 total)
DE: Derrick Morgan 58, Ropati Pitoitua 34, Kamerion Wimbley 19, Karl Klug 15
DT: Jurrell Casey 57, Sammie Lee Hill 35, Mike Martin 11, Antonio Johnson 9
LB: Akeem Ayers 60, Colin McCarthy 59, Zach Brown 38
CB: Jason McCourty 60, Alterraun Verner 58, Coty Sensabaugh 26, Blidi Wreh-Wilson 1
S: Bernard Pollard 60, Michael Griffin 57, George Wilson 3

Patrick Bailey, Jackie Battle, Beau Brinkley, Zaviar Gooden, Corey Lynch, Daimion Stafford, Byron Stingily each only appeared on special teams.

After the jump, the usual collection of notes. 

1. Shonn Greene only carried the ball on half his snaps, matching his season-low against San Francisco (1 of 2). He's now carried the ball on 59% of his snaps.

2. I'd love to see a first half v. second half split on Craig Stevens plays, as I didn't keep track during the game of just how much the Titans tried to run the ball from 2-TE sets in the first half before changing things up later. What's that you say, passing from run formations? What is this dark sorcery of which you speak?

3. Justin Hunter, WR3. As long as he doesn't keep having 2 catches on 7 targets (granted, not all his fault by any means), that might keep up.

4. Well, it finally happened. Brian Schwenke's ankle injury meant the Titans had to make an in-game offensive line switch for the first time all season. Given the desire for a backup center, and that McQuistan does not qualify, I would expect the Titans to make a roster move this week if Schwenke is out for Thursday's game.

5. Yes, that could mean two roster moves in the next couple days, including possibly one for a returner if Damian Williams is also out. One possibility would be cutting McQuistan to add an interior lineman for a week and getting by with, for instance, Kenny Britt returning kicks and Kendall Wright or Alterraun Verner returning punts (just to fair catch them).

6. I wrote in Football Outsiders Alamanac 2013 that if there was a good play from a Titans defensive lineman, chances were pretty good it came from Derrick Morgan or Jurrell Casey. Teams tell you what they think by what they do, and the Titans are telling us Morgan and Casey are their best players and play in all situations. No, this is not really news, and I'm pretty sure I've covered it in this space before, but sometimes even the obvious is worth repeating when it's true.

7. Colin McCarthy 59 snaps, Zach Brown 38. I need to re-watch the game to figure out why, and to figure out if that's where I should be annoyed or if it should instead be Akeem Ayers 60, Brown 38 when Brown is the superior space player.

8. Blidi Wreh-Wilson's lack of playing time is not helping me understand why the Titans went Warmack/Hunter/him instead of, say, Star/Warford/Marquise Goodwin.

9. No or almost no three safety packages this week, as George Wilson may have only played when Michael Griffin went off for concussion testing after Bernard Pollard banged him in the head with his elbow (I think that's what got Griffin rather than the tackle).