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On the Titans’ starting quarterback

NOTE: In case you missed it with the game-related posts or want to discuss the issues related to Vince Young further, please see my post on Vince Young. Thank you.
It has come to my attention that, at Monday’s press conference, Titans’ coach Jeff Fisher announced Kerry Collins will be the starting quarterback “until either he struggles or whatever else happens.” When asked why he made that decision, Fisher said, “I don’t have to go into specifics as to how I came to that decision. It’s just the way we’re going.” He later stated that “[Vince Young has] got to get back. He’s eventually going to be under center for us.”
Please keep in mind that, at his press conferences, Jeff Fisher is not under oath and has no particular obligation, except with respect to injury information, to tell much of the truth. I’m not trying to say that Fisher is necessarily being untrue, merely that his primary aim is the proper functioning of his football team, and all comments he makes should be read through that prism. I excerpted above what I believe are the key statements from the transcript of his Monday press conference, but here they are in another form:
Kerry Collins will be the Titans’ starting quarterback, until Fisher decides the Titans would be better off with another starting quarterback. Fisher may change starting quarterbacks if Collins struggles or something else happens. What precisely that something is, he explicitly declined to answer. He did, however, say that Vince Young would be the Titans’ starting quarterback in the future.
Before reading the transcript of this press conference, I assumed that Kerry Collins would be the Titans’ starting quarterback through the bye-sufficient time to ensure Vince Young’s sprained MCL is fully healed and he is ready to play in the offense. Call me pig-headed, if you want, but nothing in Fisher’s Monday press conference alters my opinion that the most likely return date for Vince Young as the Titans’ starting quarterback is the October 19th game at Kansas City following the bye.