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7-0 Tennessee Titans: The ’72 Dolphins aren’t impressed

Monday Night’s statement win over the Indianapolis Colts cemented the Tennessee Titans as a legitimate contender in the eyes of many.

Apparently, members of the 17-0 1972 Miami Dolphins weren’t impressed.

In their minds, it’s only a matter of time before they engage in their annual ritual of popping the champagne bottles as the league’s last unbeaten team loses its first game.

In 2007, those champagne bottles stayed on ice until February, as the New England Patriots came up just short in their bid to finish the season 19-0.

According to former ’72 Dolphin running back Jim Kiick, the 2008 Tennessee Titans aren’t in the same stratosphere as last year’s Pats:

“I dont think they’re that good…In all honesty, I’m not really concerned…they’re seven games in and have a long ways to go.”

Former Dolphin defensive Manny Fernandez has adopted the old head-in-the-sand approach towards the Titans:

“There’s no need to pay attention…I can’t even tell you what the name of their quarterback is.”

As the NFL-modern era’s only perfect team, I respect what the ’72 Dolphins accomplished on the football field. However, the need to engage in their annual chest-thumping as another year passes and their record stays intact is quite honestly, pathetic.

It’s also interesting to witness the utter disrespect being thrown in the direction of the Titans via the ’72 Fins. I can only imagine the scrutiny they would have faced if they had to deal with the hyper-intense media world of today.

I’m pretty sure that their aspirations for perfection would have been ridiculed as a result of only two of their regular season victories coming against winning teams. The likes of Wilbon & Kornheiser, Jim Rome, etc., would have had a field day debating whether or not the ’72 Dolphins had what it took to win the championship.

I highly doubt that perfection is the goal of Jeff Fisher and the 2008 Titans. Let’s just say that it’s pretty low on the team’s list of priorities behind more realistic important goals such as the division title, homefield advantage, etc.

If and when the Titans lose their first game of the season, the likes of Jim Kiick and Manny Fernandez will once again pry open the champagne bottles as they celebrate their team’s worthy accomplishment.  

Hopefully, the Titans’ champagne party will take place in February.