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A final pregame look at Chris Johnson vs the Seahawks

Chris Johnson seeks to make NFL history. Photo by Andrew Strickert for Total Titans
Chris Johnson seeks to make NFL history. Photo by Andrew Strickert for Total Titans
I thought I’d take a final look at the Seahawks defense before today’s Tennessee Titans – Seattle Seahawks game and in particular, compare some of their stats with Chris Johnson’s.

First, the Seahawks have, by most measurements, an average, or slightly above average rushing defense. Seattle is 14th against the run in yards per game and in a tie for 15th in yards per carry.

Also, as Vince Verhei noted in this week’s question and answer session with Drexel, Seattle is 13th in run defense DVOA, slightly above average.

The Seahawks didn’t fare too well last week in Green Bay. The Packers rushed 32 times for 153 yards (4.8 avg) and 5 TDs. It should be noted Green Bay has a good run team, rushing for 4.4 ypc, which is in a tie for eighth in the league.

If Chris Johnson rushes for 153 yards today, as the Packers did last week, it would give him 2,025 for the season, the fourth highest in NFL history.

But suppose he rushes 32 times, as the Pack did last week, at his 5.8 ypc average. That would give him 186 for the game and 2,058 for the season, third-best in history and only 8 yards away from second best.

I don’t see any way, barring injury, that CJ doesn’t reach the 2,000 yard mark, or 1.14 miles.

Here’s what interests me. Suppose CJ gets his 128 to reach 2,000 by halftime or early in the third quarter. Does Jeff Fisher leave him in to get more yards and more records? I hope so. From that point, all it would take to eclipse Eric Dickerson’s record of 2,105 would be one long run and a few normal ones. And remember, CJ has already scored three times this season from 85 yards or more.

Good luck, CJ, and good luck, Titans!