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A Jags blogger answers Total Titans’ questions


In Part One of our question and answer exchange with a Jaguars blogger, I answered the questions from Nate Bruce of Teal Power. Now in Part Two, we reverse roles with Nate answering our questions.
Total Titans: What are your impressions of rookie DT Tyson Alualu’s performance so far?

Teal Power:  I personally did not like the pick of Alualu for the Jags first rounder but he has done pretty well for the Jags. The team needed an improvement on the DL that only had 14 sacks in all of last year. He has 1.5 sacks and 12 tackles and has been an aid on the rush defense. He is not a game changer like a Dwight Freeney but he has helped the line.

Total Titans: We wouldn’t care about this if not for the fact that the Jaguars are a divisional rival. Who’s seat is hotter, Jack Del Rio’s or David Garrard’s? What’s your prediction for their status after the end of the season?
Teal Power:  Del Rio is definitely on the hot seat. With losing seasons and a franchise that cannot keep fans in the stands to avoid a blackout is sad. He did have the big win earlier in the year against the Colts and followed it up with a hard fought win at Buffalo. If the team makes the playoffs he will be fine but anything short of that or a losing season, he is gone. Garrard will probably follow him out the door but he has played a little better this year as long as he can hold on to the ball and avoid turnovers.
Total Titans: Not many fans outside the AFC South know how good Daryl Smith is. He doesn’t get much, if any, publicity and we seldom get to see him on TV. How’s he playing this year and how has the addition of Kirk Morrison helped?

Teal Power:  Daryl Smith has been a good player on the defensive side of the ball. He is a very physical player and has forced one fumble and one interception. The Jags like his physical attitude and ability to change the flow of the game but Kirk Morrison has underachieved so far. He is a good player but he hasn’t shown it on the big moments. I expect him to be a leader but right now he has to improve.

Total Titans: What’s happened to the Jags’ 26th-ranked passing game? Mike Thomas is the leading receiver, Marcedes Lewis second and Mike Sims-Walker third? That doesn’t seem right.

Teal Power:  So far the Jags offense struggles with turnovers usually from Garrard. They have never been able to play out West as shown by the game against the Chargers. Now they are getting back to basics handing the ball to Maurice Jones-Drew and involving him in the running and passing attack. That has allowed Garrard more time in the pocket and has been able to complete passes and Mike Thomas has made a lot of catches on the crossing routes. The opposing defenses have tried to contain Sims-Walker but he had a coming out game against Buffalo so the passing offense should be good to go for now.

Total Titans: What do you expect the Jaguars to do Monday night and what kind of score do you predict?
Teal Power:  I expect a close game with both Johnson and Jones-Drew having good games and making big plays. Jags have played well in close games against Peyton Manning and made that one play to get W’s at home. Josh Scobee hasnt missed a kick all year with  long game winner of 59 yards in last home game. Jags 26 Titans 24-Scobee hits a another winner.