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A Titans’ depth chart preview

Now that the rookies have hit the field in OTAs, I thought I’d take a stab at what the depth chart will look like in four months, at the first of September. One purpose of this is to project where the rookies will stand. Drafted rookies are boldfaced in blue. I have not included any of the UDFAs on the depth chart as they are usually no more than camp bodies.
QB Young, Collins, Smith, Simms
The Titans won’t keep both Collins and Simms, which will change the depth chart. Smith should stick around, especially if he has a good camp. I’ll have a separate article on him in a day or two.
RB C.Johnson, Ringer, Pearman
Pearman will be challenged by UDFAs. He’ll need to show more than he did last year as a KR/PR if he wants to make the 53-man roster.
FB Hall
WR Washington, Britt, Gage, D.Williams, Hawkins, Edison, Mariana, P.Williams, M.Jones
Damian Williams should have a solid grasp on the fourth spot. (See Drexel’s article yesterday.) The fifth and a possible sixth roster spot are up for grabs. Given the Titans’ history drafting WRs, it’s hard to be optimistic for Mariana’s chances, though Williams gives more reason to be. Like Pearman, Mark Jones will need to show something as a return man.
TE Scaife, Stevens, Cook
Stevens may actually get the most starts this year.
LT Roos, Otto
LG Harris, Durand
C Amano, Velasco
RG Scott
RT Stewart, Kropog
Munchak will move Otto, Kropog and Durand around throughout camp.
LDE Hayes, Babin, Bakhtiari
RDE Morgan, Ford, Ball
I expect Morgan to win a starting job in training camp. The three Bees — Ball, Babin and Bakhtiari — will fight for the fourth DE spot.
LDT J.Jones, Haye
RDT Brown, Marks, Howard
This is assuming Jason Jones is healthy and Haye hasn’t improved. Howard appears to be the fifth man in what should be a four-man rotation.
SLB Thornton, McRath, Togafau, Amato
MLB Tulloch, Allred, Rivera
WLB Witherspoon, Curran, Keglar, Winborn
Curran should pass Keglar on the depth chart during camp. Big question — can Thornton hold off McRath?
LCB McCourty, Hill, Verner
RCB Finnegan, Hood
Mouton will also compete for the one undecided corner spot though I see him as a nickel. Verner could have a good a chance as anyone. If Hood somehow emerges as a starter, he’ll play on the right with Finnegan taking the left side.
SS Hope, Rolle, Nickey
FS Griffin, R.Johnson, Schommer
The safety position was addressed in this post. Rolle provides the first serious competition Nickey has had for years.
NB Fuller, Mouton
K Bironas, Schmidt
P Kern, Schmidt
PR M.Jones, D.Williams, Pearman
KR M.Jones, Mariana, Mouton, Pearman
LS Amato
H Kern
I hope Jones will bounce back from his hamstring problems last year, to once again display the ability he had in Carolina and Tampa. Williams and Mariana will both get a look in camp and the preseason. Mouton will get another chance too. Someone needs to learn to snap, to backup Amato. 
There you have it, my projections for the depth chart as of September 1. Are there any changes you foresee?