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All-time Tennessee team: Bruce Matthews – left guard or center?

Thanks to all for your input on the tight end selection for our all-time Tennessee team. It appears that most of you are in favor of having only one TE, which would be Frank Wycheck. You’ve also voted for Kevin Dyson to be the #3 receiver.
We now move on to the offensive line and have to start the discussion with Hall of Fame lineman Bruce Matthews. Where do you put him on the team?
In his nineteen-year career, Bruce played all five o-line positions. That should make it interesting when we select an all-time franchise team, but he played only two positions in the Tennessee era, which narrows it down a little.
Bruce played five years in Tennessee, the first four at left guard and his final year at center.
Here’s my question for you. Should Matthews be the left guard or the center on our all-time Tennessee team? Please feel free to voice your opinion with your comments and cast your vote in our new poll.
As always, your input is appreciated.
The team so far:
QB Steve McNair
RB Eddie George
FB Lorenzo Neal
WR Derrick Mason
WR Drew Bennett
WR Kevin Dyson
TE Frank Wycheck
P Craig Hentrich