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An open letter to Mike Reinfeldt

Hello Mike,
Welcome to Tennessee. You’ve come into a good situation here. It’s a plum job that many of your peers coveted.
You’ll be working with one of the best coaches in the business and you have a superstar in the making for your quarterback. The team has rebounded from a 4-12 season to finish only one game out of the playoffs last year at 8-8. The corner has been turned and rebuilding is nearing completion.
You inherit a good salary cap situation, with $36 million to work with, and you’ll have ten picks in April’s draft.
Bearing that in mind, you should be aware that Titans fans will be expecting a lot from you.
While you come into a good situation, you also have a lot of work to do in a short time. The new NFL calendar year starts March 2 and there’s much to be done by then.
The Titans have eight players who will be unrestricted free agents in March unless you re-sign them before then. Of that group, please make re-signing Robaire Smith a priority. Rien Long needs to be re-signed too. It would be nice to have Drew Bennett and Bobby Wade back too, but I wouldn’t overpay to keep them.
While you’re at it, you’ll need to restructure the contracts of Travis Henry and Albert Haynesworth.
All that will keep you busy in February. Not to mention evaluating the current players, meetings with coaches and scouts, and going to the combine.
Then to March. You’ll be expected to fix two glaring weaknesses by acquiring a new cornerback and new defensive end. Good ones, not just mediocre players. If you can get both in free agency, here’s to you, Mike. You’ll be a very popular man among Titans fans.
The Titans are improving and you’ll be an important part of that as it continues.
Again, welcome to Tennessee. Good luck and best wishes.
Andrew Strickert
Total Titans