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Anquan Boldin to the Tennessee Titans? It ain’t happening, folks


In a perfect world, the Tennessee Titans would be one of the eager teams bidding for the services of stud WR Anquan Boldin.

Boldin, who is upset about his contract situation, is being shopped by his current employer, the Arizona Cardinals. Last year’s NFL runner-ups are asking for a 1st and 3rd round draft pick in exchange for one of the game’s best receivers.

Despite Boldin’s availability, the chances of the Titans uncharacteristically spending lavishly to attain #81’s services are slim to say the least.

I’ll admit it: Boldin is one of my favorite players to watch in the NFL. Since arriving in the league as a rookie in 2003, Boldin has become one of the game’s best wide receivers. Unlike most wideouts who struggle during their first year, Boldin was the exception to the rule, amassing an impressive, 101 catches for 1,377 yards and 8 touchdowns as an NFL newbie.

Boldin isn’t your typical #1 WR. When catching the football, his objective isn’t just to run by or outquick the competition. Anquan is a running back trapped in a wide receiver’s body: his ability to seek and destroy opposing defenders is a testament to the physical nature of his style of football.

Ideally, the Titans would be Boldin’s next NFL employer. With Anquan in the fold, Mike Heimerdinger’s offense would finally have the #1 WR that’s been missing since Derrick Mason’s departure. Boldin’s personality and style of play would also be a perfect fit for the smash-mouth Titans.

Unfortunately, this pipe dream isn’t likely to become reality. For starters, the Titans value their high draft selections and despite Boldin’s availability, Mike Reinfeldt probably isn’t interested in sacrificing a 1st and 3rd rounder to secure #81.

Even if the Titans anteed up the draft pick compensation, they would still be faced with appeasing Boldin’s desire for a long and lucrative new contract. As the Albert Haynesworth situation indicated, the fiscally conservative Titans aren’t going to go beyond a certain limit for one player, regardless of his talent level.

Therefore, despite the alluring thoughts of Boldin joining the Titans, it would be wise to prepare ourselves to witness another team emerging as the winner of the Anquan Sweepstakes…