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Are the Titans looking for a number one receiver?

Entering free agency, the primary need for the Titans in the minds of many was a number one receiver. Roydell Williams, Brandon Jones and Justin Gage have proven to be capable receivers in the league but neither of them will be mistaken for Terrell Owens or Randy Moss in the foreseeable future.
Surprisingly, the only free agent wide receiver to visit Baptist Sports Park so far is former Titan Justin McCareins, whose measly nineteen catches last year equals to roughly one-fifth of Chad Johnson’s production during the 2007 season.
So why haven’t the Titans pursued the number one threat that their offense so desperately needs?

An unimpressive free agent WR group
The Titans sat idly as other teams spent lavishly to secure the services of the top receivers on the market. The enigmatic Jerry Porter signed a six-year $30 million contract with AFC South rival Jacksonville. Bernard Berrian was quickly gobbled up by the Vikings, who rewarded him with a six-year deal for an astounding $42 million. Donte’ Stallworth, a guy that I believed would be a good fit for the Titans, was signed by the Browns as they attempt to buy their way into AFC playoff contention.
Reinfeldt must not have been too impressed with this year’s crop of free agent receivers. Porter and Berrian haven’t done much in their careers to justify the top-flight salaries they received and despite his talent; a seven-year deal for $35 million is a lot of paper to give to a guy (Stallworth) who hasn’t had a 1,000 yard season in his entire career.
Potential trade possibilities
Perhaps Reinfeldt is waiting to strike a deal for one of the number one receivers who could be available via trade. Distinguished wide outs such as Chad Johnson, Roy Williams and Larry Fitzgerald have all been rumored at one point or another to be up for grabs for the right amount of compensation.
Each receiver has established himself as a legitimate #1 WR in this league and would be an immediate upgrade for the Titans. Instead of paying a ton of cash to number two receivers masquerading as number ones such as Berrian and Porter, maybe the Titans are waiting for a genuine playmaker to become available.
One can dream, I suppose.
Ghosts of free agent WR past
Does David Givens ring a bell? Carl Pickens? Yancey Thigpen?
The Titans haven’t had the best of luck on the free agent WR market over the years. The aforementioned names are vivid indications of how injuries can derail the dreams of attaining a top flight receiver in free agency.
Javon Walker is an example of a guy who has been injury prone over the last couple of seasons and was available at the start of free agency. Thanks to Al Davis’ generosity, the Titans were spared from the thought of acquiring the oft-injured Walker as a result of the six-year $55 million contract that was extended to him last night.
Despite the attempt to explain why Reinfeldt hasn’t actively pursued a top-flight receiver at this point, the need to secure a genuine #1 receiver still exists. Alge Crumpler is a nice TE who should play a big role in the Titans’ passing game next season, but in order for this offense to reach its potential, a number one receiver must be acquired.