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Are the Titans moving Tony Brown to DE?

Titans defensive tackle Tony Brown has been on the PUP list for the first four days of training camp. In tonight’s practice, Brown lined up at left defensive end with the first-team defense.

Joining him on the first unit d-line were LDT Jovan Haye, RDT Sen’Derrick Marks and RDE Jacob Ford. William Hayes, the regular starter at LDE last year, was suited up, but I did not notice him in action tonight.

Brown remained at his new spot, save for the occasional rotational substitutions, throughout the evening.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see if the move will be permanent. I’ll have more on this later, and also when I write my positional analysis of the defensive ends, but I wanted to get this posted now for your information.

There were several other changes, but neither has much likelihood of something we’ll see often, if at all. Just before the end of tonight’s practice, the Titans switched to a 3-4 defense for a few plays. While they’ve done this for a play or two every now and then over the past several years, primarily against the Colts, they don’t have the personnel to use a 3-4 on anything remotely close to even a part-time defense.

Following that, they showed a 4-4 look with a cover-one for two plays. Shades of the old Bears’ 46. That has even less chance of being used. Especially with Donnie Nickey at corner.

But back to the main topic. What do you think about Tony Brown as a defensive end? My first reaction was surprise, but after that, the more I thought about it, the more I started liking the idea.