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Are the Tennessee Titans searching for a veteran QB?

Lost amid last week’s acquisitions of Nate Washington and Jovan Haye was the departure of third-string quarterback Chris Simms, who signed with the Denver Broncos.

At first glance, this development appears to be a source of good news for embattled Titans’ QB Vince Young, who, as a result of Simms vacating the premises, currently has the edge for the team’s backup QB spot.

However, according to the Nashville City Paper, securing the services of a veteran QB may be on the Titans’ agenda as they embark upon the second wave of free agency.

The pickings are slim to say the least, but nonetheless, let’s take a look at what’s available on the veteran QB free agent market.

Byron Leftwich

The Titans are very familiar with this former Jaguar signal-caller. As we all know, Leftwich faced the Titans twice a year during his tenure in Jacksonville. Last summer, Byron made a visit to Baptist Sports Park, not as an opposing QB, but as a free agent looking for his next job.

Leftwich has a strong arm and despite a lack of mobility, he could thrive in a situation such as Tennessee where a strong offensive line exists.

Joey Harrington

Like Leftwich, Harrington is another QB who made a free agent visit to Nashville last year. A former first-round bust of the Detroit Lions, Harrington has become the definition of a journeyman as of late, as he’s looking for his fourth employer in as many years.

With his dreams of emerging into a top-flight starting QB probably over, Harrington has reached the point in his career where finding a backup job is his only hope for staying in the NFL.

Color me not excited about the possibility of the mediocre Harrington coming to the Titans.

Patrick Ramsey

Speaking of 2002 NFL first-round QB busts, Patrick Ramsey is also on the market. Like Harrington and David Carr, Ramsey is another member of the Class of ’02 who failed to make his mark as a starter in this league.

Patrick has a strong arm and also has the experience of playing under Mike Heimerdinger with the Broncos in 2007. Despite not finding a new employer at this point, Ramsey has attracted some free agent interest from teams such as the Texans and the Patriots.

J.P. Losman

Like Ramsey, Losman is a product of Tulane University. Also like Ramsey, J.P. is a former first-rounder who has failed to realize his potential as an NFL signal-caller.

Losman appeared to be on his way after a solid 2006 season when he threw for 3,051 yards while tossing 19 touchdown passes. However, that was the highlight of his career in Buffalo, as inconsistency and the emergence of Trent Edwards led to Losman’s departure.

A change of scenery could do wonders for Losman and as a potential #2 or #3 QB, you’d hear no complaints from me if the Titans decided to give him a look.

Your turn, audience. Should the Titans pursue another veteran QB or is Vince Young the answer as the team’s second-string signal-caller?