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Best Titans MLB: Godfrey or Tulloch?
Photo by Andrew Strickert for Total Titans
Was Stepehn Tulloch better than Randall Godfrey?

We resume our update of the Tennessee-era All-Time team with the middle linebacker position.  Randall Godfrey (2000-02) was named in 2008 to our initial team, beating out Barren Wortham and Brad Kassell.

Stephen Tulloch (2006-10) was a reserve when we selected our team, with 4 only starts in his first two seasons.  Since then, he has started 41 games and is now deserving of consideration.

Tulloch was a great tackler for the Titans and it wasn’t a surprise to see Jim Schwartz want him to come to Detroit.  Kyle Vanden Bosch reportedly lobbied for his addition to the Lions as well.  When a player who hustles like KVB wants you on his team, it says you must be a pretty good player.

It would have been nice if Tulloch had made more of an impact in turnovers.  Although he made a ton of tackles, he has not yet forced a fumble in his five NFL seasons.  Nor was he known for good pass defense.

As I wrote three years ago, I didn’t like the way Godfrey left the Titans, as one of the team’s early salary cap casualties.  Godfrey went on to play five more years, starting 60 games for the Seahawks, Chargers and Redskins.  It would have been nice to have him around for a few more years.  Like all the other Titans’ salary cap casualties, Godfrey was not satisfactorily replaced.

  Years Games Starts Sacks Ints TDs  PD  FFs FRs Solo Tkls Assts Total Tkls
Godfrey 3 38 35 5 3 1  4 6 1 186  45 231
Tulloch 5 80 45 4.5 2 0 12 0 5 325 127 452

I used stats from Pro Football Reference for the above table, since the NFL does not furnish tackle data before 2001.  Godfrey’s stats include only those as a Titan and do not include those from other teams.  Godfrey’s full PFR stats are here and Tulloch’s here.

Two things stand out in their stats.  Tulloch had a lot more tackles than Godfrey, but Godfrey created more turnovers.

Which do you think was a better player for the Titans?  Please vote in our new poll and share your thoughts in the comments section.