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Bon Voyage, Mike Williams

The third time was hopefully going to be the charm for former USC WR Mike Williams. After failed attempts at making his mark in Detroit and Oakland, there was a small glimmer of hope regarding his chances of turning his career around at his third NFL stop: Tennessee.
That hope ended today, as the Titans released the former first rounder.

Mike appeared to be a more dedicated player this offseason, as a result of a weight loss that would make Jared slightly envious. As fans, we were hoping that maybe this time, Williams would pan out in an NFL uniform.
Apparently, the hype surrounding Mike’s weight loss was equal to his disastrous NFL playing career: much ado about nothing. Williams becomes the first casualty in the highly competitive battle for playing time at WR.
According to the Tennessean article, former Jet WR Chris Davis will replace Williams on the roster. No, that wasn’t a typo: Chris Davis will be joining the other Chris Davis at WR for the Titans.