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Britt adds a new dimension to the Titans’ offense


Kenny Britt photo by Andrew Strickert for Total Titans
Kenny Britt already has seven touchdowns. Photo by Andrew Strickert for Total Titans.

When you think of the offensive players on the Titans’ great teams of 1999-2003, there wasn’t a lot of speed. Eddie George was a grinder, a workhorse who ran between the tackles at 4.1, 3.7 and then 3.0 yards per attempt. Top receiver Derrick Mason was a possession guy, not a deep threat.

They’re not at all like the players who man those positions for the Titans today. Chris Johnson, and now Kenny Britt, are guys who can make a big play and score any time they touch the ball.
The emergence of Britt will hopefully open things up for CJ. Defenses can no longer key solely on stopping just one man. Keep eight or nine men in the box and gamble with single coverage on Britt? Or double Britt and gamble on containing CJ?
Decisions, decisions, what’s a defensive coordinator to do?
What’s most important in my mind is Britt’s versatility as a receiver. He has the speed to make the big play. His 80-yard touchdown last week and 52-yard gain against the Cowboys have made defensive coordinators take notice. He also has the physicality to fight for the ball and make the tough catch in tight coverage, which he’s done on several of his other recent touchdowns. If the Titans didn’t have CJ, I’m sure we’d see a lot more double coverage on Britt. 
After years of watching Fisherball, it’s going to be different watching the Titans’ dual-strike capability going forward.
Dual-strike, heck. Imagine if Vince started tucking the ball and running like he did when he won Rookie of the Year honors. How exciting might things get if Jared Cook ever develops? Playmakers at every position! Not enough balls to go around!
Mike Heimerdinger will have the fans on the edge of their seats, wondering which Titan will provide the next highlight.
That’s a far cry from feeding Eddie the ball for three yards and a mini-cloud of dust. This is not the same Titans’ offense that we loved seven to eleven years ago. 
On the 80-yard touchdown last week, I was excited to see Britt beat his man off the line and open a gap. I was even more excited to see Kerry Collins notice it too and chuck the ball in that general direction. I’m looking forward to seeing a lot more of the same from #18. And then some more long gainers from CJ. Maybe even some more VY on the go, following the bye week, of course.
It’s not a mirage. The Titans really are second in the league in scoring, with 28.4 points per game. Thank you, Kenny Britt.