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Broncos Zone answers questions from Total Titans

This week, Total Titans invited Jon Heath of Broncos Zone to participate with us in a question and answer exchange. Following in Part One are Jon’s answers to our questions.

Total Titans: During the preseason, some writers were saying that Jabar Gaffney was definitely the Broncos’ #1 receiver and Kyle Orton didn’t really have that good of a relationship with his other receivers. Now you have Brandon Lloyd, Eddie Royal and Gaffney all in the NFL’s top 30 WRs, plus first-round draft pick Demaryius Thomas who had a 97-yard, one-TD debut. Who should the Titans be most concerned with?

Broncos Zone: I’d say the Broncos most dangerous receiver is Eddie Royal, of the four you mentioned I think Royal has the most big-play potential. With that said however, I think the Titans should be concerned the most about Brandon Lloyd. With 339 yards in the first 3 games and a 24.2 yards per-catch average Lloyd ranks as the 2nd best receiver in the NFL at the moment. However, keying on Lloyd would be a mistake by the Titans and that’s why the Broncos passing attack is so potent. Take away one guy and boom Kyle Orton hits another capable weapon. I would hate to be in Tennessee’s secondary’s situation.
Total Titans: The Broncos lead the league in passing yards. Do you expect more days out of Orton like this past Sunday (huge yardage)? If this is the start of the trend, what is your reason as to his improvement – just time in the system, maturation of talent around him, or…?
Broncos Zone: I think Kyle Orton was almost this good last year, but nobody noticed because the Broncos were working out some kinks in the passing game. With a year under his belt in the system and even more weapons, like you mentioned, Orton’s numbers are sky rocketing and I expect them to steady off. Because of the lack of running game I do expect Orton to again post some nice numbers like last week, but Denver would like to even out the run-pass ratio so his numbers won’t be record breaking. Last week the Broncos had no running game so they were forced to throw the whole game. This week they’ll pass trying to set up the run.
Total Titans: Will Champ Bailey key in on one WR (if so, which would you consider to be THE ONE to shut down) or part of the field?
Broncos Zone: As far as I know Champ usually always covers the left side of the field depending on who the Broncos are playing. I doubt he’ll be moved around to handle one guy, the Broncos have some incredible depth back in the secondary.
Total Titans: What weaknesses do you see in the Titans D that could be exploited by the Broncos’ offense?
Broncos Zone: Weakness? To be honest I haven’t seen much film of the Titans yet so I can’t give you a solid answer on that one (and that’s not to say I think my previous answers were solid either). Looking solely at the stats the Titans defense seems to do every thing pretty good but nothing spectacular, ranking 5th in points and passing yards allowed and 17th in rushing yards allowed. Their “weakness” if there really is one I would say is the run defense, similarly to the Broncos, but as the Broncos run offense has been non-existent I think that cancels out that “weakness”.
Total Titans: The Broncos have had some injuries on the o-line and also have some youth there. Given the problems with the line, plus Knowshon Moreno’s injury, what’s your take on the running game?
Broncos Zone: Ah the running game, we were just talking about that. It pains me to say it but Knowshon Moreno does a lot of things good but nothing great. He could become a great running back in the NFL but frankly, right now he’s not. The Broncos have no short-yardage rushing attack whatsoever and that could really hurt them. Part of the blame does go to the young offensive line but I put it more on the backs, when there’s a hole you gotta hit it and they haven’t been doing so with much authority. Maybe this will be Denver’s breakout week, maybe not – we’ll find out.
Total Titans: Is there anything you’d like to add that I haven’t asked you about and that you think Titans fans ought to know? And your prediction, please…

Broncos Zone: Anything else? Keep an eye out for linebacker Mario Haggans (#57) on the Broncos defense, he is a very underrated player and if the Broncos defense were to be able to slow down the Titans offense he’d play a key role. My prediction is the Titans won’t be able to control Denver’s offense while the Broncos defense will slow down Chris Johnson for a bit but he’ll win the battle in the end. Vince Young could really struggle against the Broncos secondary if forced into long 3rd down situations so the Broncos will be aiming for that. It should be a great game!
Thanks to Jon for participating with us and giving us some thoughts from the other side’s perspective. Later in Part Two, we’ll have my answers to Jon’s questions. Titans fans, you can check out more about the Denver Broncos on Jon’s website
Broncos Zone.