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Cam Newton: Future Tennessee Titan?

Due to the team’s six-game slide, for all intent and purposes, the 2010 season is over for the Tennessee Titans.

Instead of analyzing potential playoff scenarios and matchups, we’ve been relegated to focusing on what went wrong and how the franchise is going to pick up the pieces in order to avoid the same fate next season.

Naturally, we’ll get started a little earlier than usual in preparation for what the Titans will/should be looking for come next April’s NFL Draft.

Andrew already got the ball rolling a bit with his take on the Titans’ possibly finishing 5-11 and landing a top-ten pick in the 2011, so I’ll continue down the same path with my first foray into the discussion of potential fits for the team with their first-round selection.

Next up….I’ll take a look at the possibility of Heisman Trophy winning QB Cam Newton ending up with the Tennessee Titans.

The majority of you who follow college football are already familiar with the emergence of talented/controversial Cameron Newton. Equipped with a TE’s body (6’6″, 250 lbs) a golden passing arm and the speed/agility of a running back, Newton was undoubtedly the best player in college football as he dominated the opposition via his rare passing and running talents.

Playing in the traditionally tough SEC, Cam made a mockery of the competition by throwing for over 2,500 yards while also accumulating 1,409 yards on the ground. With only the national title game remaining, Cam has already accounted for an absurd 48 touchdowns (28 passing, 20 rushing).

If Newton decides to turn pro, he’s already been mentioned as a high-to-middle first-rounder and with his amazing physical abilities, it wouldn’t surprise me to see him considered as a top-ten selection as we get closer to April’s draft.

Due to his tantalizing physical gifts and impressive on-the-field leadership traits, he’s already drawn comparisons to former Texas Longhorn and current embattled Tennessee Titan signal-caller Vince Young. Based on my memory of Young during his memorable college years and watching Newton this season, I’d say they’re equal in the category of athleticism, with Newton getting the upperhand when it comes to arm strength and passing ability at this stage.

However, as the case with Young in 2006, Newton should be regarded as a project who may take some time to develop into a guy who has a good feel for playing the QB position at the NFL level.

Personally, even though to some (including myself) the notion of Newton becoming a Titan is an intriguing scenario, I’m not that sold on this mouth-watering possibility becoming a reality. Here’s why:

1. If the Titans decide to draft a QB in the first round, I’m thinking they’ll go the route of selecting a conventional QB prospect who is more of your prototypical pocket passer. I doubt that the Titans will have the good fortune of landing Andrew Luck, so perhaps Ryan Mallett or Jake Locker are better possibilities.

2. Let’s call this, “The Bud Adams Factor.” Considering the owner’s desire to keep Vince Young around (even if it possibily means letting go of Jeff Fisher) I’m still not completely sold on the notion of the Titans drafting a QB in the first round of the 2011 draft.

In my opinion, with Bud Adams firmly in his corner, VY is still going to have the opportunity to determine his future as the team’s signal-caller next year and beyond. By rolling the dice with a QB via a possible top-ten selection, you’re making the decision that regardless of how he performs in a make-or-break year, Vince is probably not going to be the team’s designated franchise QB moving forward.

Quite frankly, for better or worse, that’s a decision that I’m not sure Bud Adams is willing to support/make at this juncture.

So what do you think, guys? Yes or no: Cam Newton as a Tennessee Titan.

As always, feel free to provide your thoughts in the space below.