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Can Lavelle Hawkins help the Titans?

As mentioned in my last post, I became more comfortable with the selection of William Hayes after I learned a little more about him. I regret I do not have that same comfort level with the Titans’ second fourth-round pick, WR Lavelle Hawkins.
It’s not because of anything specific about Hawkins — I would feel the same about any receiver the Titans drafted. The WR in the draft I looked at who would have been most acceptable to me was DeSean Jackson, and that was due in large part to his ability as a returner.
Frankly, the receiver I thought would help the Titans the most was Donte’ Stallworth, but when he went to the Browns in free agency I pretty much resigned myself to the fact that the Titans weren’t going to be able to upgrade the receiving corps this year.
Now that Hawkins is a Titan, I hope he’ll prove me wrong and be a productive player. He’ll have some very stiff competition for a roster spot though, not to mention trying to earn playing time. I just don’t see him making much of a contribution. Hawkins will probably get lost in the mix with Biren Ealy, Paul Williams, Chris Davis and Mike Williams.
Those five guys will probably be in a logjam behind Justin Gage, Roydell Williams, Justin McCareins and Brandon Jones. That’s nine guys competing for probably six roster spots and an outside chance at seven.
It should be the most competitive position in training camp this year and I’m sure that we’ll have plenty more to write about that from now until September.