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Chris Palmer named as Titans OC

Mike Munchak just called a screen pass on third and long by selecting Chris Palmer as the Titans new offensive coordinator.  It’s the type of call that usually fails to pick up a first down but occasionally works.  It’s usually a safe call, one that may not gain any yardage but at least it’s not as risky as throwing the ball downfield into double coverage.

Translation: the Titans offense probably won’t get any better but there’s not much risk it will get worse either.

The 61-year old Palmer is probably best known to Titans fans as the offensive coordinator for the Jaguars (1997-98) and for the expansion Texans (2001-05).  He was also the head coach of the expansion Browns (1999-2000) and was once the wide receivers coach for the Oilers (1990-92).

I am completely underwhelmed.  Munch fired Dinger to make this move?