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Colts questions about the Titans

I’ve exchanged questions and answers with Christine Traylor, one of the writers on MVN’s Colts Couch Crew, regarding Tennessee’s game at Indianapolis this Sunday. I published my questions and Christine’s answers Wednesday. Today, it’s time for Christine’s questions and my answers.
Colts Couch Crew: How much of an affect do you think Indy’s starters not playing a full game will affect the outcome of this matchup? Do you believe that the Titans will recognize the importance of the game and step up to Indy’s second string?
Total Titans: This is familiar territory for the Titans. One year ago, they could have made the playoffs by winning their last game, but lost. With that loss still in their minds, there’s no way they won’t give it their best effort.
CCC: Vince Young, in his first two seasons, has done a remarkable job to turn the once losing Titans around, yet people – even Titans’ fans – seem so unhappy with him and the team’s offense. What do you say: is the only stat that counts wins and losses or is there much more to it?
TT: Young’s play has actually regressed this year, which is why Titans fans are upset. Instead of making the progress most second-year players do, he’s suffered from a sophomore slump. Or maybe its the Madden curse. By the standard of wins and losses, he was 8-3 as a starter last year and is 8-6 in 2007.
CCC: Vince Young has been criticized for his seemingly inability to run/protect the ball when necessary. Which do you think has a bigger impact on whether your team wins or loses: the protection Vince receives from his line or his “refusal” to run the ball? Why do you think Young has such a hard time running? Is he attempting to prove his critics wrong by trying to show that he can indeed throw a deep pass without throwing a pick or does he just not see the running lanes?
TT: Vince has been hampered by a quad injury this year, which is part of the reason he hasn’t run the ball as often or as successfully. As you observed, he’s also preferred to pass even when he’s had plenty of running room, Many fans suspect what you’ve suggested, that he’s trying to prove he’s a complete quarterback, not just one who can win games with his legs.
CCC: What do you believe Jeff Fisher’s gameplan will be?
TT: This is a run-oriented team and Fisher would love to run the ball first. Passing is a necessary evil. His gameplan will be to run the ball, maintain a time of possession advantage, shorten the game and win in the fourth quarter with defense and special teams, much as he’s done in the last three Titans-Colts matchups. Of course, defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz will add a few subtle wrinkles. Look for him to use Kyle Vanden Bosch in several different places.
Thanks to Christine for doing this. Titans fans, for more information and opinion from the other side’s point of view, check out MVN’s Colts Couch Crew.