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Current Titans picks in 2010 draft, including official compensatory selections

The official list of compensatory picks was announced today, and with that announcement, the order for the 2010 NFL draft is set, pending of course trades between now and draft time.  Contrary to expectations, the Titans were awarded a total of three compensatory picks, one third round selection, one sixth round selection, and one seventh round selection.  With those, the Titans now have the following picks to use next month:

1st round, 16th overall
3rd round, 77th overall
3rd round, 97th overall (compensatory)
4th round, 111th overall
5th round, 148th overall
6th round, 185th overall
6th round, 207th overall (compensatory)
7th round, 222nd overall
7th round, 239th overall (compensatory)

As a reminder, compensatory picks cannot be traded, so we know the Titans will be choosing at least three players in the 2010 draft.  Notable compensatory picks by the Titans in the past include Troy Kropog and Javon Ringer last year, Jacob Ford in 2007, Quinton Ganther in 2006, and Peter Sirmon in 2000.