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Titans DB coach Cecil saves a life

In his playing days, Tennessee Titans defensive backs coach Chuck Cecil was a hard-hitting safety. He was a very good safety, earning Pro Bowl and All-Pro honors. He was such a hard-hitting safety that he made the cover of a prominent national magazine with the memorable question, “Is Chuck Cecil Too Vicious for the NFL?”
Cecil received a lot of media coverage for his actions on the field. Earlier this year, he also received coverage from the mainstream media for an unfortunate incident off the field.
But where is the media coverage for something Cecil did which is even more important? All the quick-thinking and fast-acting Cecil did was perform the Heimlich manuever on a choking victim, saving his life.
I searched the web this morning and unfortunately found nothing reported on this. I’m glad to be able to correct this omission.
The mainstream media is quick to praise players and coaches for their exploits on the field and quicker to criticize them for mistakes in their private lives. Somehow they aren’t as quick to report good deeds off the field.