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Did the Titans screw up by cutting Roydell Williams?

It happens every year. When NFL teams make their final cuts to get down to the league-mandated 53-player limit, there will be conflicting opinions by fans. Should so-and-so have been cut? Why did what’s-his-name make the team? It’s often a difficult decision, to be sure, for the GM and coaching staff, particularly with the last few cuts.
Drexel examined the possibility of Roydell Williams being cut a week ago. I also wrote about the receivers who might or might not make the roster. Thanks to all of you for your comments on both articles, voicing your opinions. We had some good discussions.
Although Roydell has been slow to recover from his broken ankle, I feel the Titans should have kept him. Part of the problem I have with their decision is with the two guys they kept instead of Williams. Somehow, Chris Davis and Paul Williams stayed while Roydell was let go.
Of course, the Titans’ spin on it was that they needed healthy receivers who could contribute right now.
The fifth and sixth wideouts probably won’t dress for games or see any playing time until someone else is injured. That hopefully won’t occur for a while, which would have given Roydell more time to heal, had he been retained.
Roydell is a proven commodity with some degree of known value. He tied for the team lead in receptions last year with 55 catches. As Drexel pointed out, some of his most important contributions came in must-win games for the Titans.
Contrast his performance with that of Davis, who caught only five passes for just 38 yards. Roydell gained more yards than that on a single play, which set up the game-winning score against the Texans last year.
Paul Williams made even less of a contribution than Davis in 2007. He didn’t suit up for a single game last year. He hasn’t peed a drop yet in the NFL, and that will probably continue for a while, as he will keep getting named to the inactive list every week.
From what I saw, if someone else had stepped up, Roydell didn’t do enough in training camp or preseason games to fend them off and keep his roster spot. It became a moot point, because nobody stepped up. Neither Paul Williams or Davis did anything to surpass Roydell on the depth chart. Roydell wasn’t beaten out for his roster spot, it was taken from him.
I wish Roydell the best in his continued recovery. Hopefully, he’ll get another chance with some other team if the Titans don’t wise up and re-sign him.