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Final Titans’ 53-man roster prediction
Predicting the Titans’ 53-man roster seems to be easier this year than it’s ever been before. I have only one roster spot that I find tough to call, the other 52 pretty much appear to be no-brainers.
Will Samkon Gado or LeGarrette Blount be the third running back?
Last week, I asked that, and other questions in examining the 27 Titans competing for 15 roster spots. Those roster battles all seem to be settled now, save for the #3 RB. We’ll look at that further, but now, here’s my 53-man.
QB (3) Young, Collins, Smith
Simms cut, no surprise here.
RB (3) Johnson, Ringer, Blount
FB (1) Hall
WR (6) Washington, Gage, Britt, Hawkins, D.Williams, Mariani
Goodbye Edison and Paul Williams.
TE (4) Stevens, Scaife, Cook, Ryan
OT (4) Roos, Stewart, Otto, Kropog
C/G (4) Scott, Amano, Harris, Velasco
Subtotal offense — 25
DE (5) Hayes, Ford, Morgan, Babin, Ball
Bakhtiari and Brock don’t make it but should be picked up by other teams.
DT (4) Brown, Jones, Marks, Haye
LB (6) Witherspoon, Tulloch, Allred, Curran, Winborn, Keglar
Thornton was placed on PUP today. I believe the Titans can upgrade the LB corps after the league-wide roster cuts are made.
CB (4) Finnegan, McCourty, Verner, Mouton
I’ll be very surprised if Hill makes it as a fifth corner but someone else might.
NB (1) Fuller
S (5) Hope, Griffin, Nickey, Schommer, Johnson
Subtotal defense — 25
ST (3) Bironas, Kern, Amato
The ‘final’ 53-man often remains so for only a few hours and I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see the Titans pick up a LB and/or CB cut by another team.
It’s also possible the third RB is not currently on the roster but for now the question is Gado or Blount. This battle wasn’t one that was won or lost in camp or preseason games, it’s one that will be settled as a matter of philosophy.
Keep the guy who can step in now, if necessary, or keep the one with the bigger upside who can help you more later on? After much reflection, I decided the Titans will probably go with Blount.
Your turn. Where am I right and wrong? Who do you have differently on your 53-man?