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First team offense improved as Titans fall to Saints, 31-24

Pardon the dilatory and abbreviated nature of this recap. As I noted in my preview post, other obligations this evening and weekend prevented me from viewing the game with my usual attention and promptness. Namely, I saw from the late first quarter until later in the third.

From what I saw and by all accounts I’ve read, Jake Locker’s performance was a highlight as he led the Titans to a touchdown and a field goal before departing in the second quarter. The touchdown was to Justin Hunter, who had another in the second quarter. His second score was a big play from Zach Mettenberger-a dig route where he beat his man and used his speed to defeat the deep safety’s (bad) angle.

The lowlight of the game wasn’t the way a Drew Brees-less offense drove the field the opening possession for a score, the flag thrown seemingly at least every third play, or even the five turnovers. Rather, it was once again a game with multiple injuries for the Titans. Michael Oher left the game before the rest of the first team offensive line. Shonn Greene seemed to injure a knee on a play where he fumbled. Zach Mettenberger ended up playing the majority of the game when Charlie Whitehurst went down on a sack, which appeared to be either a missed hot or a protection bust from my live view of it.

Much, much more on this game later, after I have a chance to view the whole thing, and properly.