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Fisher expects Brown to re-sign

Who will be #29?
Tennessee coach Jeff Fisher said he expects Chris Brown to sign a new contract in time for the Titans’ last minicamp this year, which starts tomorrow.
Brown’s agent said last week that he had narrowed his choices to the Titans and Bears.
If Brown does re-sign, the Titans will have two running backs named Chris and only one of them can wear jersey number 29, which was previously Brown’s.
Second-round draft pick Chris Henry took #29 when he joined the team after Brown’s contract expired.
If Brown decides to sign with Tennessee, he’ll have to pay Henry to get his old number back. Interesting, especially since Brown would join in the competition at the running back position.
Brown wore number 22 at Colorado, so he may not be that eager to get 29 back, but Vince Fuller already has that jersey number.
It will be interesting to see what happens on that front.
Although Brown brings a little baggage with him, I’ll be glad about some of the good things he’ll bring with him. One benefit that should provide good results in training camp will be the competition in a good three-way battle for the starting job.