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Greetings and Golf

Greetings to all Total Titans visitors. The more observant of you may have noticed a new name among the authors tab of the site, Tom Gower. I’m the proprietor over at Residual Prolixity, which, even though it may not be obvious from the name, is a football blog focused primarily on the Titans. I’ll still be writing over there on whatever football topic strikes my fancy, but some of my Titans thoughts will also appear here.

Those of you who saw the cover of Saturday’s Wall Street Journal may have noticed a somewhat familiar face, reserve linebacker LeVar Woods, bending over a putter. As this article noted, several Titans are brushing up on their skills, or simply learning the game for the first time. The Journal‘s Golf Journal columnist, John Paul Newport, was an observer for some of the lessons, and wrote a column about it (link for W$J online subscribers only). Defensive backs Vinny Fuller and Michael Waddell took to the game fastest among the tyros, though perhaps not as quickly as hockey star Alexander Ovechkin, who notched an ace the first time he ever played (video here). Titans fans shouldn’t be too worried about new-found passions overtaking the game; as Michael Roos noted after following four enviable shots with two bad ones, “Football’s a lot easier than golf.”