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Grinches will try to steal Titans’ Christmas

Merry Christmas, Titans fans and Total Titans readers!
Santa has brought us all a great present. With just one regular season game remaining, the Titans are in position to earn a wildcard berth with a win Sunday. It’s been a long time, too long, since the Titans have been in the playoffs, and this year’s overachieving team is on the verge of doing so.
Of course, it wouldn’t be Christmastime without a grinch, and the Indianapolis Colts will try to fill that role this year by stealing the Titans’ Christmas present.
Head grinch Tony Dungy may be resting a few of his players after the first quarter but that’s no reason to think this game will be a cakewalk for Tennessee. There’s nothing the Colts would like more than to beat a division rival and knock them out of the playoffs.
I can’t wait to see the would-be grinches get their butts kicked Sunday. The only thing I won’t like about it is we’ll see some backups taking the brunt of the whipping.

When he came to my house, Santa brought me some various Titans goodies. One was a 2008 Titans calendar, which unfortunately once again showed little foresight in its preparation. Lamont Thompson, whose future with the team was in doubt this summer, will be the ex-Titan featured in July. Ex-Titan to be Ben Troupe, who has contributed little for the second year in a row, will be Mr. April.
Not a problem for me, though. I’ll just take a page from my 2007 calendar and tape it up over Thompson’s and Troupe’s pictures when April and July roll around. The other ten months feature some good players who will be here.
Titans fans, did Santa bring you anything interesting this year? Here’s your chance to tell us if Santa thought you were good this year.