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Heimerdinger will be the Titans new offensive coordinator

“Meet the new boss,
Same as the old boss”

The Who, Won’t Get Fooled Again

There’s going to be a new sheriff in town. You’ll probably recognize what appears to be a familiar face, which looks quite a bit like the old sheriff’s.
Jeff Fisher’s decision to fire Norm Chow was made easier, in the sense that Broncos OC Mike Heimerdinger was available. It helps that the Dinger was previously the Titans offensive coordinator from 2000-04.
All it took was a phone call from Fisher to his longtime friend, Broncos coach Mike Shanahan, to request permission to speak to Dinger about the job. Of course, Shanahan gave Heimerdinger his blessings. It sounds like a done deal already, doesn’t it?
The Titans OC job may technically be a lateral move for Dinger, but he would get one thing here he didn’t have in Denver – the freedom to call plays. And Dinger is a friend of Fisher’s as well.
When the Dinger arrives, it will be culture shock for Vince Young. There will be no more mollycoddling of Vince’s ego and hurt feelings. No more assuaging. No more glossing over mistakes for fear of upsetting any dainty feelings.
If Vince has immaturity issues, as Dinger’s predecessor suggested, it’s time for him to grow out of them. Dinger has a harsh, abrasive style that doesn’t wear well on many players. Just ask a few former Titans who played for him.
One thing about Dinger, though, is that his X-style of management can get results. When Eddie George was unable to run effectively anymore, Dinger was somehow able to help Steve McNair become a league co-MVP, despite Fisher’s preference to run the ball.
Vince Young will receive daily tongue-lashings from Dinger before his play significantly improves. I’m guessing Dinger’s tongue will get pretty tired before the desired results are achieved. We may have to wait until the end of the 2008 season to gauge whether any improvement has been made. Things will probably get worse before they get better.
Dinger doesn’t have to adapt to Vince, but Vince will very much need to adapt to the Dinger.