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How do we select a TE for our all-time Tennessee team?

Should we have only one tight end on our all-time Tennessee team? With the frequency of two-TE sets, I’m thinking we might put two TEs on the team. Another reason for doing this is because some “tight ends” are more H-backs than true TEs. They really are two positions with distinct differences and we can select one of each.
There are several ways we can go with this and I’d appreciate your input. Here are several options that come to mind:

    • A. One TE only. If so, the contestants would be Frank Wycheck, Jackie Harris, Erron Kinney, Ben Troupe and Bo Scaife. Seems like no contest there, Wycheck ought to win in a landslide.
    • B. Have two TEs, with one as a traditional TE and the other as a H-back. Name Wycheck as the TE, with Troupe and Scaife as the contestants for the H-back position.
    • C. Name Wycheck as the H-back with Kinney, Harris and Troupe as the contestants for the TE spot.

If you can think of other alternatives, or modifications to the above, I welcome your suggestions.
I’m in favor of Option C, declaring Wycheck as the H-back. He was frequently used like one in his seven years in Tennessee, which included three Pro Bowl selections.
What’s your opinion? Your comments will be welcomed and appreciated.