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Jeff Fisher will have some splainin to do
Jeff Fisher has coached the Titans to losses in seven of the last eight games.

When Bud Adams summons Jeff Fisher to Houston after the end of the season, he’ll probably want to know some things. Little things. Like why the team, which he pays Fisher to coach, lost eight of its last nine games. And why his team hasn’t won a postseason game in seven years. And why the team with the best record in the league two years ago hasn’t done diddly squat since then.
I’m sure Fisher’s excuses will be well rehearsed. He’s good at splainin things.
I’m not sure if Bud will buy the goods Fisher will be trying to sell him. I hope not. 

David Climer has climbed on the ‘Get Rid of Fisher and Young’ bandwagon and his latest column is being regurgitated across the internet. Sites that specialize in bringing other people’s work to your attention have linked to Climer’s article.
I wonder if Bud reads The Tennessean. I imagine he has a copy delivered to his house and/or his office every day. It’s my understanding he doesn’t surf the internet. Given the status and exposure The Tennessean has, I wish Climer had written that article much earlier. I wrote five weeks ago that we may be stuck with both Fisher and Young. I’d like to see both of them leave and I’m glad Climer has finally taken a stance and agrees.
Hopefully Bud’s grandson, Kenneth Adams IV, will clue him in on fan sentiment here in Tennessee. If that matters to Bud. It might not. Maybe the main thing that matters to Bud is making sure Titans tickets are sold out every year.
Kenneth lives in the local area, probably has friends in the area who are fans, probably listens to sports talk radio, and maybe even reads Total Titans. There may be hope for a favorable resolution to the situation.
And now, here’s this week’s update on the positioning for the draft. The Carolina Panthers have now clinched the first overall pick. The Bills, Bengals and Broncos will select second through fourth, in some order, if they all lose their final game. Should any of them win, they’ll join the logjam of teams who currently have five wins.
The seven teams which all have five wins are now positioned to select in the fifth through eleventh slots. Four of those teams will play each other, so two will win a sixth game to join the Titans in the six-win group. The Vikings have two chances to win a sixth game. If they lose Tuesday night in Philadelphia, they’ll play another five-win team, the Lions, in Week Seventeen. Another pair of five-win teams, the Cardinals and 49ers, will also play each other.
Projected 2011 draft positions
Team Record Remaining games Proj record Proj draft pick
Carolina Panthers 2-13 @ ATL 2-14 1st
Buffalo Bills 4-11 @ NYJ 4-12 2nd thru 4th
Cincinnati Bengals 4-11 @ BAL 4-12 2nd thru 4th
Denver Broncos 4-11 SD 4-12 2nd thru 4th
Minnesota Vikings 5-9 @ PHI, @ DET 5-11 5th thru 9th
Cleveland Browns 5-10 PIT 5-11 5th thru 9th
Dallas Cowboys 5-10 @ PHI 5-11 5th thru 9th
Houston Texans 5-10 JAC 5-11 5th thru 9th
San Francisco 49ers 5-10 ARI 5-11 5th thru 9th
Arizona Cardinals 5-10 @ SF 6-10 10th thru 14th
Detroit Lions 5-10 MIN 6-10 10th thru 14th
Tennessee Titans 6-9 @ IND 6-10 10th thru 14th
Washington Redskins 6-9 NYG 6-10 10th thru 14th
Seattle Seahawks 6-9 STL 6-10 10th thru 14th


We may still get a top-ten draft pick. More on that in one of my next articles.