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Kerry Collins Re-Signed

Although they weren’t huge moves by new GM Mike Reinfeldt, two early ones are encouraging. Re-signing defensive tackle Rien Long was the first good move by Reinfeldt, in my opinion.
The next move that I liked was re-signing veteran Kerry Collins as a backup and mentor for Vince Young.
Collins had said before he liked it in Tennessee and wanted to return. Jeff Fisher and Norm Chow said they liked Collins and they were probably instrumental in his return.
When Collins was benched after the third game of the season last year he could have sulked and pouted. He could have been a distraction or even a divisive force, but wasn’t. Instead, Collins proved he was a good team player by helping Young in meetings, watching film, on the practice field, and any way he could.
In sharp contrast, there was the case of Chris Chandler, who reportedly tried to sabotage Steve McNair’s progress in McNair’s first two years in the league. Chandler allegedly gave McNair incorrect information and bad advice repeatedly, trying to retain his starting job as long as possible.
No doubt Fisher remembers that, which made Collins’ contributions all the more appreciated.
Credit Chow for Young’s development thus far, but give a big assist to Collins.
Collins and Reinfeldt said the right things about his return to the Titans.
Collins’ statement:

“I’m excited to come back to a team that I think can be really, really good. I am looking forward to playing for Jeff (Fisher) and Norm (Chow) again. My family and I think Nashville is a great city and really enjoyed our year there last year.”

Reinfeldt’s statement:

“Kerry is a great fit for this team. A veteran quarterback that understands his role and that can be a sounding board for a young quarterback is a special commodity and one of great value for both Vince (Young) and this team. Maybe more importantly, we also trust that if he is called upon to win games, he certainly can do that.”

I’m sure there are people who think re-signing Collins is a mistake after his poor performances last year. I agree he had two poor games but disagree strongly that re-signing him is a mistake. And if he’s called upon, I’m sure he’ll play better than he did last year.