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Las Vegas police file charges against Pacman

Suspended star could face 12 years in prison
Las Vegas police have officially charged Pacman Jones with two counts of felony coercion. They had earlier recommended charges against Pacman to the DA for a shooting in February which left three people injured, one of them paralyzed, after an altercation in a strip club.
One of the conditions of NFL commisioner Roger Goodell’s suspension of Pacman was that he have no further involvement with law enforcement, including this case and other pending cases in Tennessee and Georgia.
It would seem that this violates Goodell’s condition and he will probably not reduce Pacman’s suspension to ten games. If anything, he may increase the length of the suspension.
Titans coach Jeff Fisher had the following comments at midday:

“Again, as I said several days ago, these are his issues. We have moved on and we will continue to move on. … As far as I am concerned it’s no longer our business. Those are his issues and he has to deal with the commissioner’s rules and we have moved on. … From a personal standpoint you wish him the best, but from a professional standpoint he certainly let us down so we have moved on. … I don’t have any expectation to talk to him.”

In a press conference this afternoon, Clark County District Attorney David Roger said Pacman could face one to six years in the Nevada State Prison and a $5,000 fine for each of the two counts of felony coercion.

“(Felony coercion is) using violence against a person to prevent them from doing something they have right to do,” Roger said. “In this case they used threats of violence to prevent the doormen from keeping peace in business.”

Roger also said in order to bring charges they had to have “proof beyond a reasonable doubt.”
Here’s a copy of the warrant against Jones and two co-defendants, giving details of the charges against them. Some of this is information that was not previously reported.
Titans owner K.S. “Bud” Adams, Jr. issued this statement:

“My organization’s sole focus is the 2007 season. Our efforts are concentrated on the players contributing to the goals we have set. We will monitor developments regarding Adam Jones and will expect him to abide by the terms of his suspension as set forth by Commissioner Goodell. We are moving forward as a team and do not expect to comment on any future matters concerning him until his suspension is completed.”