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Mike Munchak hired as new Titans head coach

Photo by Andrew Strickert for Total TitansMike Munchak certainly wasn’t the guy I wanted to be the Titans’ new head coach.  I would have preferred someone from the outside, and either of the two external candidates, Perry Fewell or Mike Mularkey, would have been OK with me.

That’s no reflection on Munch and nothing against him.  I just feel it would have been best to bring in someone fresh.

I’ve got to say I’m disappointed in the process, which was a sham.  It looks like Munchak was going to get the job all along.  Why else would Gregg Williams withdraw his name from consideration?

I’ll bet that Williams called Munchak and asked him, “Mike, are you interested in this job?”  If Munch said he was, then Williams probably knew he had no chance and withdrew.

As far as I know, none of the candidates went to Houston to interview with Bud Adams.  The only mainstream media reports of interviews, to my knowledge, involved interviews in Nashville with Steve Underwood and Mike Reinfeldt.

If I was Bud, I certainly would have wanted to personally interview all four candidates.  I would have loved for Fewell or Mularkey to make a great impression and blow me away with a great interview.

It was quite a change from the last major hire Bud made, when he selected Reinfeldt to be the new General Manager.  That was a much different process, at least on the surface.  Underwood constructed a list of eight candidates and seven of them interviewed with him and Jeff Fisher.  Underwood and Fisher then whittled the list down to three names and all three flew to Houston for a personal interview with Adams.

There were rumors that Reinfeldt was Bud’s choice all along, but if that was true, at least there was the appearance of a fair competition for the job.  Two other candidates at least got the chance to make an impression and state their case directly to the man who would make the final decision.

The process should have been the same in selecting a head coach, you would think.  But it’s Bud Adams’ team, and he has the right to ignore and deviate from good business practices if he wants to.  Let’s just pray it works out.

Now that Munch is the new head coach, I wish him tremendous success and will root for him to prove Bud made a great decision.