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Mock Drafts: Tell me who to pick

In the next couple days, I’ll be participating in a couple mock drafts. First, there’s the ongoing MVN writers mock draft. This has been going on for a while, and has currently run through pick #20, where the Bucs took WR Devin Thomas, right after Limas Sweed went off the board to the Eagles. Are there any guys who are under the radar you want me to consider? Is DeSean Jackson worth it even though the Titans picked up Chris Carr to be a returner? If you think the Titans should draft Jerod Mayo or some other linebacker, tell me why, because I just don’t see it. In love with Joe Flacco’s arm or Brian Brohm’s accuracy? Tell me why the Titans should ditch VY-a hard sell, let me warn you.
In addition to the MVN mock, I’ll also be participating in the Football Outsiders reader mock draft. In contrast to the MVN mock, the FO reader mock is three rounds, not just one, and includes trading. Lots and lots of trading (last year, the #10 overall pick was traded 3 times). So, here’s your chance to talk me into trading. Are there any players you’d love to see the Titans move up to get? Is #24 too high of a pick for you? Is Malcolm Kelly worth a 2nd round pick even if he’s only a 4.6 guy? Any under the radar guys I should look at in the 3rd round? Anybody you absolutely don’t want to see drafted?
Make your cases, and I’ll let you know how the mocks go after they happen.